Saturday, April 6, 2013


3 Posts In 1

Last night's post -

I'm calling it! Our title has been decided! You voted! This experience has exceeded my wildest dreams! THANK YOU! I love every one of you. OK, I know, enough gushing, even though I mean every word of it - drum roll please... Our new title, which, mind you, is different than the one I've been using for the past two years (!), is.... "Forget We Met" with a whopping 40% of the vote, never ever dropping below 38% and first place! I love it. I can't thank you enough. We will never known how big of an impact you made, but I suspect it was a big one. The title I've been using, that I thought was lovely, topped out at 15% on its best day. We've got it now and we are rolling on, my friends! You are amazing and THANK YOU! Remember - Forget We Met by MM Finck! ♥

This morning's post -

Bear with me again as I thank you, one and all, for your enthusiasm in naming my novel and for sharing that enthusiasm with people I could never have reached without you. You R.O.C.K. As requested and promised here is the breakdown of the poll results:
Fishes for Eve (my previous title) - 15%
Stage Left - 10%
Forget We Met - 40%
The Unfathomable Costs of a Replacement Life (my husband's favorite & serious contender during polling for top spot) - 25%
The Accidental Actress - 10%
Thank you for every single one of your votes. A fun part for me was that I have a warm spot in my heart for all of them. I couldn't be happier that they all got votes. If you shared the poll, please share the results! More than anything, please keep in touch. We make a great team! :)

This afternoon's post -

Just heard from a very important person in publishing. When she saw us doing the title poll, she asked me to tell her how it went and what we picked. I just got this email reply: "Absolutely love it!!" I absolutely love YOU ALL! Thank you so very very much! Couldn't have done it without you. Literally, I couldn't. The title I picked came in at "the bottom three" as shown below [or in this case, above]. :)

Here's to FORGET WE MET by M.M. Finck!

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