Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Joyous Gratitude

There are bloggers (several of whom I enjoy and follow).  Then, like siblings to bloggers, there are authors with blogs.

Which is happily me. 

Because my writing time is primarily spent on my books, my posts are less frequent than on a blogger's blog.  Yet you've been coming!  It astounds me how many people come here every day.  I frequently check the viewer stats in the morning and again at night, and the jumps leave me humbled and mumbling a prayer of gratitude. 

"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude."
-Karl Barth  

You have made me joyous.  Thank you very very much.  

My latest manuscript is still out for consideration, which I take as a good sign.  As you know, I have been conceptualizing my new one.  Bits and pieces, out of order, it has been coming to me.  I've got a plot, the major characters, a setting, back story, an assortment of conflicts.  Yesterday I pitched it to a small group and it got rousing support.  So I am energized and eager.  I read an interview with Jodi Picoult in which she was asked about her research, if she uses an assistant to gather it for her.   She said that it is more fun to do the research herself.  Shyly comparing myself to Jodi Picoult, I feel the same way.  I'm excited to dive further in!  :)  

Before I go, I will paste in a review that I posted on my brand new facebook page about a book I finished recently.  (http://www.facebook.com/MMFinck - Please "Like" my page if you have the inclination and a chance!)

"Just read "The Sweet By and By" by Todd Johnson. It follows a handful of characters who live or work in an assisted living facility. It is not my usual subject matter of choice, but reading it made me a better person. It is very well written, of course. Mr. Johnson is a very talented man. I admit that when I read a book (or watch a movie) I have a running tally in my mind of things I would have done differently. Every writer I know does this.  Same as filmmakers, I would say, based on the few I've known.  We aren't being judgmental as much as we are studying and appreciating our craft and learning from each other. By the time I finished "The Sweet By and By," my list was down to one. After a very involved book club discussion last night, even that one item disappeared. I feel uplifted even, by what I didn't at first understand.  Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for this wonderful, sensitive, intricate story."

Now I am reading "Rise and Shine" by Anna Quindlen.  I believe that she is one of the best fiction writers today.  Her economy with words creates a beautifully dense story.  My laundry sits unfolded for the second night in a row so that I can follow these powerful characters.

Next up, "before women had Wings" by connie may fowler.  

I hope you all are well!  I will speak with you again soon!

-M.M. Finck

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